Xuzhou new road intelligent technology co., LTD., as China sliding mold paving industry explorer, started in "China construction machinery" Xuzhou, started in 2012, in the research and development team for eight years, on the basis of early 2019 joint Jiangsu institute of road engineering technology and equipment co., LTD., in the same year by the national ministry of transportation industry as key technology projects to support, develop sliding mold paving industry construction standards, will promote China sliding mold paving industry booming.

As a science and technology enterprise, Xinlu Technology has always unswervingly taken the road of innovation and development, has established cooperative relations with Chang'an University, China University of Mining and Technology and other domestic well-known universities, established cement concrete sliding mold paving research workstation, deep ploughing cement concrete road equipment and new infrastructure materials and other fields.

The company mainly operates: multi-functional cement concrete sliding mold paver, cement concrete pavement maintenance equipment research and development, manufacturing and sales.At the same time, engaged in the research and development and application of new infrastructure materials.

After years of market exploration, Xinlu technology has made remarkable achievements in the cement concrete sliding mold paving equipment industry.The company actively responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee and participated in the international construction of "Belt and Road". In the participating project- -Kara Expressway project in Pakistan, it has been praised by leaders at home and abroad. It has been reported by China Economic Daily for two consecutive years and selected as "Leading Project of International Project Green Supply Chain Management".In the promotion of domestic business, participate in the construction of provincial and municipal expressways and national and provincial trunk roads, won the majority of customers praise, filling a number of domestic cement concrete sliding mold paver construction blank.