Xuzhou Xinlu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., as an explorer of China's slip-form paving industry, originated from Xuzhou, the "capital of China's construction machinery", and was founded in 2012, on the basis of several patents obtained by the research and development team in 7 years, in early 2019, it cooperated with Jiangsu Jicui Road Engineering Technology and Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd. to reorganize and actively promote the construction standards of slip-form paving industry, and it is supported by China's Ministry of Communications as a key scientific and technological project in the transportation industry in 2019, which will promote the vigorous development of China's slip-form paving engineering industry.

The company is mainly engaged in: research, development, manufacture and sales of multifunctional cement concrete slip-form paver and cement concrete pavement maintenance equipment, as well as Agent joining service of slip-form Paver, At the same time engaged in infrastructure New materials of R & D promotion and application.

NC series and NR series multifunctional cement concrete slip-form paver are independently developed products of Xuzhou Xinlu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. NC series slip-form Paver is specially used for lateral precise paving of various cement concrete structures, and can be used for paving of cement concrete structures such as kerbs, sinks, hard shoulders, anti-collision guardrails, etc, its maximum paving height can be realized by 0-2 m, and its maximum lateral paving width can reach 0-2.5 m. NR series slip-form Paver is specially used for front paving of various plane concrete structures, and single paving can cover 0-10 meters, it can be used for rural road paving, high-speed rail support layer paving, airport apron paving, large ports and site hardening, etc. No matter what purpose, our equipment construction is always fast, accurate and economical!