product name:NC600 Concrete Slipform Paver

Update time:2020-6-9 10:27:57

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Qiangqian Spirit-nc600 of New Road Technology Curb Slipform Molding Machine



Slipform construction has the advantages of fast construction speed, high degree of mechanization, continuity and beautiful and straight line shape. Compared with the traditional process of manual formwork support and installation after prefabrication, NC600 kerbstone slipform forming machine has more advantages in reducing labor intensity, reducing material loss, quality control and improving construction efficiency, and has strong overall stability after construction.

With the market demand increasing, the products are mixed with good and bad, and the low-end products cause irreparable damage to the industry, resulting in some regional market governments issuing a document prohibiting the use of slip-form technology.  In order to promote the healthy development of the industry and improve the influence of slipform construction, New Road Technology optimizes products, reduces dimensions and enters the market of small slipform pavers. For the construction of small structures such as kerbs, small low walls, catchment tanks and shoulder, ordinary labor teams enter the slipform construction industry with the funds of a 50 loader.  It can also improve the construction precision and efficiency of the minicomputer, accumulate wealth quickly, and is reputed as the spirit of stealing money.  Main parameters of equipment:

Paving width: 0-75cm

Paving height: 0-60cm

Spreading speed: 0-15m/min

Turning radius: 0-100cm

Walking speed: 0-25m/min

Hydraulic system: hydraulic pump, motor and valve adopt international famous brands.

Electrical System: Double Independent Controllers, Independent Intellectual Property Rights of Sensors, Purchasing Famous Brands at Home and Abroad

Vibrating rod: 2-way hydraulic vibrating circuit, independently adjustable

Feeding system: auger high torque hydraulic drive motor feeding

Walking system: single track hydraulic drive, planetary deceleration

Engine: Yuchai YCF2750 Power 36.8KW

The Money Snatcher-—NC600, Star of Sliding Mode in 2020

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