product name:Special additive for concrete sliding mould

Update time:2019-11-15 10:40:11

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Special additive for concrete sliding mould


With the country's focus on environmental awareness, the use of machine sand is becoming more and more widespread, which has constrained the development of the slipform industry. Xuzhou Xinlu Technology has long been rooted in the sliding mode industry. In response to the current market situation, the joint venture of Changan University and Jiangsu Industrial Research Institute has developed a special additive for sliding molds, which can effectively reduce the influence of mechanical sand on concrete for sliding form and improve the workability of concrete. It provides a strong guarantee for the development of the sliding mold industry.

Special additives for concrete slipforms play a particularly important role in the finished product of concrete.

 1) Improve the rheological properties of concrete mixes.

 2) Adjust the concrete setting time and hardening performance.

 3) Improve the durability of concrete.

 4) Improve other properties of concrete.

If the concrete slipform additive is improperly maintained, the surface is extremely prone to micro-cracks due to water loss, which affects the appearance quality and durability. It is common that after the rain, the surface of the concrete structure is drenched and looks as if it is contaminated. This is because the concrete surface has a large water absorption rate, easily absorbs moisture, and is also easy to adsorb dirt, and the surface color of the concrete becomes deep after water absorption. If the concrete slip-form additive is not used, the strength of the concrete will be affected by long-term exposure to the air, and the appearance of the concrete cannot be guaranteed. Now Xuzhou Xinlu Technology has developed a new additive for sliding molds with good experimental results. Now it is being promoted and applied in major highway construction.

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