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Requirements and value of slipform paving technology of concrete curbstone slipform forming machine
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The technology of fully automatic concrete curb stone slipform forming machine is a slipform technology that self-walks through a computer control system and forms the concrete curb stone curb along the stone shoulder drainage ditch. This fully automatic curbstone slipform forming machine is different from previous prefabricated slipforms. The previous prefabricated slipform technology has completely failed to meet the requirements of construction quality and speed. The current curbstone slipform forming machine technology is a more advanced fully automatic slipform technology that came into being with the evolution of technology.


In today's industrial society, slipform paving has penetrated into all areas of pavement construction, from curbs, drainage ditches to anti-collision guardrails, pavement, slipform construction in different parts and different materials. Today, the nc1300 curbstone slip-molding machine, as a slip-type machine for crawler-type side paving, has successfully completed its own technology upgrade and gradually realized the transformation from a single function to a multi-function. Curbstone slipform molding machine properly solves the problem of uncontrollable application in the conventional manpower and control. Intelligent can analyze the system in detail, so that the curbstone slipformer moves forward according to the baseline, and solves the concrete structure. When the object is bent in the sliding mode. Curbstone slipform molding machine has strong organizational application ability, equipped with a fully automatic simulation system and computer integrated central control system, which simulates the manual thinking mode, which can better help people solve complex problems, such as curved slipforms. Straight-line walking, etc., formulate corresponding strategies according to the actual construction operation conditions and on-site acceptance effect inspections, and adjust corresponding parameters for control and management.

In general, the curbstone slipform molding opportunity will liberate people from tedious labor, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, and at the same time speeding up efficiency. If you don't want to be replaced faster, all you can do is to continuously improve your technological value.

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