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Significance of Theoretical Research on Vibration Viscosity of Concrete Paver
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The concrete slipform paver on the hydraulic cement concrete pavement of the highway is the most advanced mechanized and intelligent rapid construction method in pavement construction. It uses the high-frequency vibrating stick group to vibrate and compact and extrude the pavement. It is a sensor that can be used to assemble a dispenser, loose square control board, vibrating stick group, tamping rod, extruded bottom plate and side template into a motor-driven walker. Overall, its main working component is the vibrator group, and the working object is freshly mixed slipform concrete.


In order to ensure that the concrete paver construction site does not slump, rough, compact, level, and regular high-quality cement concrete pavement, the rheological properties of fresh concrete under vibration conditions are studied. That is, it is particularly important to establish the working mechanism of slipform paving. The establishment of the correct technological theoretical basis for slipform paving is very important for confirming the workability and slidability of freshly mixed slipform paving concrete, the correct setting of the working parameters of concrete paver, and the formulation of operating procedures. Strong theoretical guidance and clear use value.


The 1300 concrete paver has made a particularly high-quality improvement in terms of vibrators. According to the size and difficulty of the molding of the cement structure, six vibrators can be optionally selected to ensure the cement structure of the concrete paver. The material is dense, flat, regular and does not collapse or numb. Guarantee and improve the engineering quality of highway slipform paving cement concrete pavement.

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