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Omnidirectional concrete curbstone slipform paver-New curb NC1300
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From paving curbstones to paving concrete anti-collision guardrails, to paving drainage ditches and road shoulder boards, the New Curb NC1300 multifunctional concrete curbstone slipform paver can be used for almost any kind of paving. The shape of the cement concrete structure is widely used.

In China, the New Curb NC1300 is a road slip form construction machine that has become popular in recent years. Xinlu Technology also took this opportunity to introduce new construction methods to the market: for example, the gap type with strong interest Spreading of gutters, another important application trend is the construction of concrete crash barriers for life safety protection.

A new curb concrete slipform paver is used in the slippery construction of a protective slipform construction project in Qingyang Ziwuling, Gansu Province, with a bottom width of 60cm and a height of 130cm. The construction is located on both sides of the Ziwuling Mountain Road in Gansu. Due to the dangerous cliff conditions on the outside of the wall, the risk of artificial support molds is high and difficult. To ensure construction safety, NC-1300 is used for paving operations. The construction of this height fence with sliding formwork fence is the first of its kind in China and a record holder. Sliding form paving guard rail in the middle: bottom width 55 c m height 70 cm. This specification is a non-reinforced support structure, and the slump of the concrete must be accurately controlled.

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New curb concrete slipform paver can pave almost any shape of structure. This is the ultra-high section drainage ditch in the central partition of the construction of Huizhou Renbo high-speed paver roller. In this construction, a new curb concrete slipform paver is responsible for paving the high-end drainage ditch in the central separation zone of Renbo Expressway, with a bottom width of 80cm and a height of 100cm. This type of gutter is the first of its kind in China.

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New curb concrete slipform paver is a compact, multifunctional slipform paver, which can not only laterally pave the overall structure of cement concrete of various shapes and sizes, but also suitable for narrow The application of roads, rural roads, bicycle lanes, and different channels and trenches is very ideal.

Compared with other slipform pavers, the new curb concrete slipform paver has a larger working capacity and a wider range of applications. The paving mold is installed on the left side of the machine for the lateral paving of the concrete structure, and the distance between the mold and the machine can be freely extended, so as to install custom molds with different needs for the sliding form construction of the structure.

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